Meet David Kayser

Picture of David Kayser

David Kayser is a composer living in Los Angeles who strives to create beautiful, impactful art.

He works closely with his clients to bring their visions to life.

David has always been interested in music, choosing to learn the trumpet in the 4th grade. He went on to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Music Education and has since written music for film, theatre, web series, and Dance.

I hired David to create some original music for a feature film I directed. It was extremely collaborative and we discussed the feel/tone of each moment. What David delivered exceeded my expectations and was absolutely perfect for the project!

-Levi Austin Morris

David is an intuitive composer and very good at understanding and matching style and elements with medium. His music expresses a sense of understanding in a fellow collaborator and piece or characters being composed for. His music is very felt, very insightful and most of all, original.

-Cassandra Ambe

I was fortunate enough to work with David on my project from start to finish. The pieces he created were crucial to the success of my show and greatly enhanced the storytelling. Working with him was easy and rewarding.

-Melissa Ortiz



Cover art for Pride of Indiana

Pride of Indiana

  -  Film

Directed by Levi Austin Morris

Working on Pride of Indiana with Levi was a great experience. I had several conversations with him regarding how he wanted his music to feel, the emotions he was trying to portray, and the style he was going for. We worked together to create a vision for the project and ultimately landing on something we both loved.

Cover art for The Rise and Fall of Dracula

The Rise and Fall of Dracula

  -  Theatre

Directed and written by Melissa Ortiz

Choreographed by Cassandra Ambe

Working on Dracula was a very unique experience. Working closely with both the director and choreographer of the show helped shape this project in a way that otherwise would not been possible. Melissa and I worked together to tell a story with the music, discussing how the music would shape a scene, making sure the story permeated the music and even replacing a scene with a beautiful dance/music moment. In working with Cassandra we were could discuss how we wanted a dance to go, where the beats would lie, the pacing, the big moments, and where we wanted to action to be focused. Because of this collaboration we were able to create a truly unique piece of art.

Cover art for The Laura Show

The Laura Show

  -  Web Series

Directed by Laura Linda Bradley

Laura came to me in search of a new theme song for her Web Series The Laura Show. I spoke with her about what she wanted for this and scored the credit montage for her. Finding the right style for this show was important so I made sure to watch her show and deliver a piece that was well suited for it.